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Q – How do I know I can count on A+ Drug Testing?

A – We have been in this business for 5 years. Our clients range from private citizens, to attorneys, to local businesses. We have a personal relationship with EVERY client. We know them, and they know us! Drug testing is personal…Personal to you and personal to us. We will be there when you need us.

Q – Is A+ Drug Testing reliable?

A – We can be there whenever you need us – courtroom, boardroom, living room. It’s all about you and your particular circumstance. We come to you, wherever you are. No more working around labs, their schedules and their rules. It’s all about you!

Q – What are your hours?

A – Monday through Friday 10am to 5pm. After hours, holidays and weekends by appointment (additional fees are involved).

Q – Can a hair test detect steroids?

A – No. Only a specific laboratory based urine test can detect steroids. Our lab has several different progressively intensive steroid tests available.

Q – Can a hair test detect all the same drugs as other testing modalities?

A – No. Hair can only test for 7 drugs or drug classes.

Q – Can a hair test detect a single use or recreational use of drugs?

A – No. Hair testing is designed to identify the habitual user and detects concentrated amounts of chemicals contained in the hair beneath the keratin sheath.

Q – Is there any way to mask or wash out chemicals contained within the hair?

A – No. Chemical treatments don’t affect the content within the hair.

Q – What is the “window of exposure”?

A – This is the term used to identify how long a particular substance is detectable in the body after ingestion.

Q – Is urine testing the best way to detect drug use?

A – Yes. Urine tests can test for nearly every drug currently available on the market and on the street, with a handful of exceptions. The key to urine testing is for the donor to have no warning that they are about to be tested, this way there is no opportunity to employ methods to try and manipulate the test.

Q – I have heard that there are drinks you can take to fool a drug test. Is that true?

A – There are masking agents available which claim to be able to fool a drug test. They are classified as adulterants and are often detected in the specimen, even if the drug of choice is not, and therefore the specimen would be classified as a positive test for that reason. In addition, these drinks must be consumed within a specified time window related to the time of collection, and are therefore, not especially reliable.

Q – Will I test positive if I eat poppy seed products?

A – No. The cut off level for opiates on the test device is high enough to not be triggered by the ingestion of poppy seed food products.

Q – What about products which contain Hemp?

A – Hemp also will not trigger a positive result on a drug test, because it lacks THC content.

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